Life gives you so many questions on every day. About future,health,relationship,love; and much more. Some of them are so difficult or you need a proper time to understand them. Every question has it’s proper answer inside you. The only person that understand you is yourself.

First 30 minutes of your morning is the best time to ask some questions to yourself. It’s when, if you wake early in the morning about 4”o clock. At this interval, your body is being free of every stress and your mind calm and peaceful. Peaceful state of mind can understand things and make them easy to solve.



When I saw her there, I just vanished in next 5 minutes from there. I did not wanted to take my anger place in my mind. About since last 4 months she didn’t called/texted. And suddenly she was on my eyes, the emotions looked after from my heart

What if I didn’t prefer to go from there. When I saw her on a single first moment, anger generated through the mind. As we always react like we feel. Why was anger there at that moment ? Question striking my mind after 2 hours. Why I didn’t felt happy because I was seeing her after a long time. How the feelings generate through our mind. We feel loved at a moment and after some moments later we are full of anger. Studies says that it all happens because most of the peoples didn’t have a control on their minds.

How can somebody control the mind ? What will happen if we are able to do that ? Let us imagine of a thirsty night, what will be important for us. Water, if we sleep very thirsty thinking of water then it is highest rate of probability that we see water in our dreams. Thinking makes us, what we are. In a relationship, that is pure love there is no way to become apart from that. She is nothing without you and neither you are. Feelings are part of the mind, controlling our feelings will make most of our mind in control. Simple thing is that, you can only control something when you see it as real as it is. Reality makes thing simple. See fire as fire and when you put you hand in fire, it will burn out it.

Ultimate State Of Fitness

All Progress Takes Place Outside The Comfort Zone

What do you do for being fit on a regular basis. Yoga, meditation, workout are some finest things. Have you ever thought, what our body is ? Our body is what we eats. Me as a 17 year old joined a gym recently to have some fitness on body. It makes me feel better at daily basis. You feels better when your body is regularly working according to your mind. Health is wealth is being heard everywhere and so true it is. Just go out of your comfort zone and eat good things for being fit.


According to a recent survey, air pollution is killing about 1.5 million peoples in India every year. Air quality in Delhi is worst according to WHO. It’s very difficult to say that capital of India is passing through it’s crucial moments. India has highest death rates from asthama according to WHO. Headache, coughs, lung cancers are some major effect of poor air quality akka air pollution. The reason behind it are overpopulation, factories and vehicles also. Taking nature so lightly is costing them by giving their lives.

Peace The Secret


Meeting many peoples over many places gives me a understanding the minds. Conquering your own mind is the only thing that can give you a permanent sight of peace inside. By my vision, everything is in front of our eyes. How many stories you have read,heard and seen in reality over the years ? The simple answer is uncountable.

Personally, I myself was disturbed deeply because of some reasons. The reasons which were nothing for someone else. During that period, I found lack of peace inside me. Many thoughts were there which were disturbing me regularly. After a period of time, there become a serious headache in my mind. Regular medicines were the only things for my relief. I tried many times to become still, to find peace but none the less nothing worked.

Visiting a temple at the same time gave me some idea how mind works. I saw there mobiles in every hand. Most of the peoples were not there to worship or to beg something from god, they were capturing himself and god in pictures. I started woke up early in the morning and have some walk in the fresh air. It gave me relax as my mind started to become still. In the evening, I started to go to our fields. Started thinking like,”Everything in the world is temporary, nothing can be stopped”. If we are still deep inside like seeing waves of the sea by the sea side, It gave peace. I started to saw the birds fly and the cloud running. Mind is the thing that can be conquered by the peace and peace.


At the age of fifteen, most of our emotions had already a home in our mind. Anxiety, sadness, happiness, love, hate etc; Talking about the story of the same age, we found many new things inside our mind. Obviously new things generate excitement, the feeling of founding new. Probability of understanding the feeling, whether it is right or wrong is almost null. We react very fast on the basis of our experience. If we feel better at the moment when the emotion is generated in the body, than we takes it as our good experience.

But the reality can be different on every stage. Mind always reacts on the information that is gathered inside the brain. What if the thing that is looking so beautiful from the distance and when we go closer that one it is just faded. The real face of mind will be revealed at the time of problems. A small kid can manage good times, maturity is when you go through the tough ones without suffering. Mental illness is another name for the dark side of mind. If we can not get what we wants after so many sacrifices and after facing so many problems than there will be a guilt. The guilt will be so powerful that your will power will be weak in front of that.

Now, the question is that how to conquer that thing. Here are some points that should be experienced to have a strong side than your will power. You should have a knowledge about yourself, your needs, your desires, your feelings. You should have known about the peoples you like and dislike. You should live in a proper friend circle or be alone. Being alone is better than be in the middle of peoples you actually do not like. Your mind can make you sick in every way if you did disrespect it.


Make Everything Special

What can you do at one place ? What can you do at present moment ? Obviously, you can do what you want. You can do what is required. But somehow at some place have you ever tried to do out of the box. Have you ever do something special that is just beyond what you think ? Nine out of ten the answer is NO. For example, you are standing on main gate of your house waiting for someone. You are free there for 5 minutes, Instead of checking your Whatsapp, observe the surrounding, observe the main gate. Now you have seen some type of dirt on the main gate and cleaned it. You are just unaware of the deed that you have done.

You just made that moment specail by doing your own job. What will happen if we think like doing small things make great impact on our lives. You will be specail at every place, at every moment because you are trying to findout yourself. You are trying to discover yourself.

Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” 


There is so much to read in this world. Some read inspiring stories to being understand the obstacles that comes in the way to success. Some read the story of two heart to understand the feelings & definition of relationship. Some read poetry books to learn something that just can’t be heard through our ears.

Recently I read a book of Dr.Kumar Vishwas named “Phir Meri Yaad”. The book is so sweat as it contains the every single heart touching line. Peace for mind is the only thing in the world that can never be measured. If the peace was there in market for being sold, you never can”t be able to pay the price.

Writing here a two line poetry from the book. “Kitni mushkil se maine khud ko sulaaya kal shab, apni aankhon ko tere khwab ka laalach dekar